MDRI emphasizes its reputation in generating high-quality datasets by conducting a 12-province survey on the Household Businesses and Informal Sector (HBIS) in Vietnam. The HBIS project proposes to collect and analyse representative data at the national level on the informal sector. The survey’s scope seeks to understand the mechanisms of adjustment of the informal sector, its role in the economy, its functioning through social networks, etc. in time of growth slowdown and macroeconomic instability.

The survey’s sample is withdrawn from Vietnam’s Labour Force Survey (LFS) conducted just a few months prior to this project’s implementation, covering 12 provinces across the country, including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Particularly, besides the main sample of 4,234 households, a component of 613 ones is tracked to identify their dynamics throughout the period since a similar survey was conducted in 2009.

The survey uses a questionnaire that includes modules asked in previous rounds of the survey in 2007 and 2009. In addition, in 2014, it incorporates new modules such as social security, relationship with the government’s administration, social networks, etc., which are appealing aspects in analysing the dynamics of this economic sector. The survey has been implemented employing tablets with many advanced functions that ensure the most trusted datasets, convenience as well as resource efficiency.


Centre for Analysis and Forecast (CAF)

IRD – DIAL (France)


9/2014 – 3/2015



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