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Survey and Data Management


B.Ec. International Economics
Foreign Trade University, Vietnam


Chau is a Research Assistant. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in International Economics from Foreign Trade University. Interested in development and inequality, Chau is participating in the implementation of MDRI’s socio-economic surveys. Chau looks forward to improving quantitative, qualitative, project implementation, and data analysis skills through MDRI’s projects.


Client: UNICEF Vietnam Duration: 04/2021-12/2021 Overview: UNICEF Vietnam’s country program 2017-2021 is designed to, among others, strengthen the enabling legal and policy environment for integrated early childhood development (IECD) at the national level and strengthen the local capacities to develop IECD model to be implemented in selected districts and communes of three provinces, namely Gia…


Client: Oxfam Vietnam Duration: 05/2021-05/2022 Overview: According to the Global Climate Risk Index released by Germanwatch, Vietnam is among the countries most heavily impacted by extreme weather phenomena. Impacts of climate change and extreme events may vary across different populations and regions, not only in income domain but also in other key domains of life…

Mekong Development Research Institute (MDRI) is an independent scientific research agency. At MDRI, we believe that research plays an indispensable role in social change and development. We are expanding our research portfolio and looking for a Development Economics Senior Researcher to join our team. This is a full-time position. Key responsibilities To lead assigned research activities…


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