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B.A.,  Accounting & Finance

Banking Academy, Vietnam


Nguyen Thi Yen is MDRI’s Project Accountant. Yen has over 2 years of experience in Financial accounting,2 years of experience in financial statement audit and 1 year ofexperience in Project accounting with tasks ranging from the summary, analysis and reporting of financial transactions pertaining to a business and charge of budgeting, financial planning and management of all project.
Her key projects include: Research to Improve Vietnam’s Education System project(Client:Regents of the University of Minnesota); School eye health project(Client: The Fred Hollows Foundation); Improving Diets in Schools in Vietnam(Client: IFPRI),Benefit Impact Assessment under the Mekong Delta Transport Infrastructure Development Project (Client: World Bank); Improving Diets in Schools in Vietnam (Client: IFPRI); Environmental Migration and Conflict (Client: ETH Zurich); 2018 Religion Study of the International Social Survey Program in Vietnam (Client: NORC); Baseline Assessment of Integrated Early Childhood Development Programme in Vietnam (Client: UNICEF);….