Labour, jobs, and employment are essential to any economy and determine part of the integration into the global economy and globalization process. In emerging and fast growing economies, such as Vietnam, the labour force often has difficulty meeting the increasing demand of the market for skilled workers due to a predominance of unskilled labour. This in turn prevents a transition from low-productivity sectors to high-productivity sectors. Because labour is not protected under a weak legal system, it can also prove difficult to obtain a sustainable job. These limitations make it challenging to maintain a high growth rate based on labour productivity. Further, rapid urbanization has created an influx of migrants from rural to urban areas, putting higher pressure on employment, vocational training, infrastructure, social stability, and poverty reduction initiatives in these urban areas.

Our research on the labour market and employment take into account these dynamics, with a focus on vulnerable groups such as migrants, ethnic minorities, low-skilled labourers, child labourers, women, and informal sector workers. By researching the most vulnerable, we are able to contribute to guiding policies to promote growth and lessen inequality.

Recently, MDRI completed a study on Vocational Education Training Financing/Program Cost Norm in order to determine the most effective model for Vietnam’s vocational college system, with a focus on enhancing performance-based funding. We also conducted a 12-province survey on Household Business and the Informal Sector in Vietnam in order to understand the mechanisms of adjustment of the informal sector, its role in the economy, and its functioning through social networks in times of growth slowdown and macroeconomic instability.


Client: The World Bank  Time: 08 – 12/2018 Overview: Over the period May 2007 through June 2016, the Government of Vietnam implemented an ambitious Mekong Delta Transport Infrastructure Development Project (MDTIDP) in an amount of US$396.3 million with funding support from the World Bank Group and the Government of Australia. The project was implemented across…


Name of Client: Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) Country: Vietnam Location within country: Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Quang Nam, Dong Thap, Ho Chi Minh City Start date (month/year): 03/2019 Completion date (month/year): 07/2019 Description of Project: The project includes the design and implementation of surveys on household usage of financial technology in selected Asian countries to…

CDI_living wage

Client: Center for Development and Integration Overview: Living wages are still a relatively new concept for the public and policy makers in Vietnam. Many state agencies, enterprises believe that living wage is a salary if employees only work during normal working time. However, living wage refers to the wage which employees receive for normal working…


Client: SNV Vietnam Time: 06-07/2018 Overview: “Enhancing Opportunities for Women’s Enterprises” (EOWE) is a 5 year programme (2016-2020) funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands as part of the Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW) funding stream. The programme is implemented in collaboration with local partners in four central provinces of…


Client: UNICEF Vietnam Time: 07/2018 – 12/2018 Overview: Integrated Early Childhood Development (IECD) Programme belongs to the National Cooperation Programme between Vietnam and UNICEF during the year 2017 – 2021. IECD refers to a comprehensive care and development approach for children from 0-8 years of age. It enables families to access multiple services for their young…

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