• Poverty Reduction

    We use a multidimensional approach to measure and evaluate the impact of support policies and programs.

  • Ethnic Minority

    Applying a multidimensional approach, we embrace the cultural diversity and uniqueness within ethnic minority groups.

  • Agriculture and Rural Development

    We demonstrate the importance the linkage between agricultural livelihoods and economic empowerment.

  • Labor and Immigration

    We focus on the vulnerable groups to contribute to guiding policies to promote growth and lessen inequality on the labour market and employment.

  • Education

    In Vietnam, education and training has always played a central role, as a priority of the government and of each individual family.

  • Water and Sanitation

    Our studies have shown that access to clean water and sanitation remains one of the most prevalent deprivations among the poor.

  • Sector & Market Research and Trade

    We capture global trends such as technology transfer and sustainability, while embracing local contexts and cultural sensitivity.

  • Environment & Climate Change

    Environmental sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a means to improving livelihoods, especially of the most disadvantaged.

  • Governance

    Our research is instrumental in providing evidence-based policy advice for the government of Vietnam to plan the social-economic development strategy.