Through years of research, our studies have shown that access to clean water and sanitation remains one of the most prevalent deprivations among the poor. This issue has become a key focus of international NGOs and development partners. While Vietnam has made significant advances in the access to improved water and sanitation, information about the availability, accessibility, and use of water in urban and rural areas is crucial for developing safe water supplies.

Our specialists have gained substantial experience in water and sanitation issues through a number of large-scale projects with prestigious partners. At present, we provide various consultation services in water and sanitation issues such as impact evaluation and decomposition analysis of water and sanitation projects for disadvantaged groups.

Significantly, MDRI was appointed research consultant for the Community Hygiene Output-Based Aid Program (CHOBA) over a two year period. The program was carried out in poor rural areas in Vietnam with the goal of improving water supply and sanitation conditions.


Client: The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) & the World Bank (WB) Time: 09 – 12/2019 Overview: The Government of Vietnam, MPI and the WB have launched the Central Highlands Poverty Reduction Project (CHPRP) in 6 provinces (4 Central Highland provinces – Dak Nong, Dak Lak, Kon Tum, Gia Lai and 2 Central Southern provinces –…


Client: Save the Children in Vietnam Time: 03/2019 – 09/2019 Overview: Save the Children (SC), through Vietnam Sponsorship Programme, is partipating in the building up of human capital in Vietnam. The programme aims at giving children the best chance for a lifetime of success by transforming the lives of children and ensures children have the…


Client:     The World Bank Time:       07 – 09/2018 Overview: Experimental research on willingness to pay for water has focused on point-of-use or point-of-collection water treatment and has found valuations of water quality well below the cost of the technology itself (Kremer et al., 2010; Null 2012). Given the difficulties encountered with random assignment of infrastructure…


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