Cover_Eng_Barriers No. of pages: 115

Publication date: 2017


This research study entitled “Exploring barriers to accessing maternal health and family planning
services in ethnic minority communities in Viet Nam” was supported, and the scope of the study
developed, by the Ministry of Health and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Viet Nam.
The study was implemented and managed by the University of Toronto in collaboration with the
Mekong Development Research Institute (MDRI).

We would like to thank the research team, especially Dr Kerrie Proulx, Ms Kristy Hackett, Dr Stephen
Lye and Mr Craig Burkett from the University of Toronto, as well as Ms Nguyen Thu Nga from MDRI,
for their work on all phases of the study. We acknowledge technical and management support from
Dr Luu Thi Hong, former director of the Department of Maternal and Child Health, Ministry of Health,
and Dr Nghiem Thi Xuan Hanh, senior expert with the Department of Maternal and Child, Ministry of
Health, as well as technical guidance from Dr Dat Van Duong, Reproductive Health Team Leader at
UNFPA in Viet Nam. We also thank the more than 4,600 ethnic minority women who participated in
this important study.

It is our hope that this report proves useful to policy makers, programme managers, health
professionals, researchers and donors in designing and implementing effective reproductive
health programmes in order to achieve the ultimate objectives of the International Conference on
Population and Development and the Sustainable Development Goals in Viet Nam.

The full English Report. You can download here


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