MDRI is unique given its collegial and collaborative environment in which each and every team member is encouraged to develop his or her own creativity while pursuing individual research interests.

MDRI offers numerous opportunities to pursue a career in development research and survey through a mixture of client-based topics and independent research. MDRI experts conduct studies on a variety of issues covering poverty reduction, ethnic minorities, land and agriculture, legislation, education, health, environment and climate change, migration, labor, and other social issues.

MDRI’s young employees benefit considerably from working with an extensive network of internationally and nationally renowned researchers and experts in the field of development economics. The exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas between our well-seasoned experts and our younger staff undeniably fosters the growth and development of MDRI’s younger employees beyond their imagination.

At a place where both academic rigor and first-hand experience are indispensable, MDRI members can thrive in this rigorous learning environment, accompanied by field trip experience, be it at a remote location in the Northern Mountainous areas or in the culturally enriching communes of the Central Highlands. Field trips in difficult areas of a country provide the clearest picture of the difficulties faced by the poor and the vulnerable. Not only are we building up a collection of research that used to be non-existent, but more importantly our fieldwork allows us to determine what appropriate measures and solutions are necessary to address these issues.

MDRI is the place to learn, to grow, and to make a difference. It is the place that fosters both personal learning and professional development among its whole team.

If you would like to join us for such an experience, please send your application, including a Curriculum Vitae, a Cover letter and relevant qualifications to our email at