Ethnic Minority

Vietnam is home to many different ethnic groups. These groups usually reside in remote and economically disadvantaged areas of the country, and face difficulties in social integration and economic growth. Consequently, poverty reduction among ethnic minorities is a key priority of the government and development partners. As of yet, however, there has been no comprehensive study of demographic and socioeconomic conditions for each ethnic minority group, which makes poverty reduction for these groups a difficult task.


To fill gaps in information, MDRI has conducted several high quality surveys to evaluate the impact of development policies at the national level and to assess socio-economic progress among ethnic minority groups in Vietnam. With our strong network of policymakers and development partners, we are committed to sharing our research findings to help influence policy. By applying a multidimensional approach to assessing ethnic minority groups, we embrace the cultural diversity and uniqueness within these communities.


One study undertaken by MDRI focused on the various cultural and livelihood practices of ethnic minority groups with the highest and lowest rates of poverty reduction in a five-year period, analyzing both the causes and the successes and failures of poverty and providing recommendations on policy adjustment. Read more about Assessment in Vietnam of Persisting Poverty Among its National Ethnic Minority Groups.


Another study aimed to capture the economic challenges of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands and nearby regions, providing insight into the unique characteristics of different ethnic minority groups. Read more about Poverty Reduction in the Central Highlands: Ethnic Minority Labour-Related Issues.

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