Survey and Data Management

We understand that excellent research thrives on reliable data.


With extensive experience in survey design, implementation, and data analysis, MDRI brings about the most effective solutions in implementing large-scale surveys using innovative, transparent, and reliable approaches.

We combine state-of-the-art technologies, including PAPI and CAPI, with our experience in implementing strict monitoring and quality control measures, such as via a system of indicators that we designed to assess enumerators’ performance and to minimize data collection errors, especially non-sampling errors.

Never underestimating the human role, we also pride ourselves on having a team of surveyors with strong motivation and work ethics, who strictly abide by MDRI’s principles of honesty and integrity when collecting data.

Gender and Socioeconomic Impact Assessment of the Local Bridge Construction and Road Asset Management (LRAMP)
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In-depth Reviews of SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4
Impact Assessment of Programme 135 Infrastructure Projects Funded by Irish Aid (Fiscal year 2014-2015)
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Tax justice for equitable health care (H-SCORE)
Assessment of residential electricity demand patterns and potential impacts of electricity tariff increases
Vocational education training financing/cost norm studies
Designing and implementing spot-check mechanism for PAPI survey
Firm participation and regulatory compliance: A randomized control trial
Evaluation of the long-term development cooperation between the UK and Vietnam
Discrepancy in urban and rural governance at the disaggregated levels in Vietnam: A small area estimation approach