Sector & Market Research and Trade

Over the past 30 years, the growth of international trade has exceeded that of production, marking the significance of trade for development as well as its stance as one of the pillars of the world economy. With globalization and technological advances, the opportunities for growth through trade have skyrocketed. For developing countries, this growth may create issues such as an increased dependence on the global economy and economic disparities between groups. Vietnam has encountered unprecedented growth through trade and is now facing similar challenges.


MDRI understands the importance of trade, and works to maximize its contribution to development in Vietnam while mitigating the negative repercussions such a rapidly evolving and complex process can have on vulnerable groups. Our research includes feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, assessment of competitive advantages of goods and sectors, impact evaluation on joining free trade agreements, market research for enterprises, building up national strategies for different goods and sectors, and assessment of product demand by consumers. Our experts have worked on a variety of consultancy projects, specializing in researching the competitiveness of sectoral products, specifically agricultural goods. This research aims to mitigate the negative impact of trade on poor and vulnerable groups by promoting economic growth through an integration process into the global economy. The advantage to our approach is that we are able to capture global trends such as technology transfer and sustainability, while embracing local contexts and cultural sensitivity.


Given the importance of the coffee industry in Vietnam, MDRI was asked to conduct a study for the Center for Development Integration that analyzes current policies related to sustainable coffee production, and their impacts on the practices of coffee growers. We were also entrusted by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to develop an analytical framework to assess the impacts of the Australian-aid funded Cao Lanh Bridge Project.

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