Monitoring and Evaluation

A properly structured M&E system provides accurate, updated, and meaningful information for well-informed decision-making during the policy formulation and activity implementation process.

MDRI has been selected by many government agencies and donors to design M&E systems for multiple development programs and projects. With a team of experts possessing extensive experience and knowledge in development and statistics, our Institute has designed an M&E framework as well as measurement indicators that can be applied and tailored to a range of interventions. Our M&E system is backed by our advanced data collection and management methodologies that combine latest tablet technologies and rigorous quality control measures.

Development World Management Survey of Schools in Vietnam (DWMS – Vietnam Schools)
Study on Gender Impacts of Climate Change in Vietnam
Cao Lanh Bridge Impact Evaluation – Midline Survey
Central Highlands Poverty Reduction Project Impact Evaluation – Endline Survey
In-depth Reviews of SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4
Qualitative Formative Research- towards Designing Interventions in Schools in Vietnam to Improve Diets
Impact Assessment of Programme 135 Infrastructure Projects Funded by Irish Aid (Fiscal year 2014-2015)