Governance is one of the most critical elements in the sustainable development of nations. In developing countries, fair governance ensures social inclusiveness throughout the course of development. This means that development projects and investments must be beneficial to the most impoverished and vulnerable communities; businesses are able to operate in a democratic environment under a fair and transparent regulatory framework; poor people have access to land, natural resources, and sustainable livelihoods; and government capacity is compatible with the pace of economic development in the country. Vietnam has focused on improving the effectiveness of its governance in recent years as the country has reached middle-income status, and needs to enhance governmental and institutional capabilities for its next period of development.

MDRI is involved with a number of research projects related to governance with the aim of supporting government policies and strategies in this area. Our research is instrumental in providing evidence-based policy advice for the government of Vietnam to plan the social-economic development strategy in the post-Millennium Development Goal period. Our strong relationships with the Vietnamese government at both the national and local level allow us to influence positive policy changes in areas such as educational reform, ethnic minority issues, and renovation of the household registration system.

One of our key projects related to governance is the design and implementation of a spot-check mechanism for the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI), a tool that tracks policy implementation and public service delivery over time.

Gender and Socioeconomic Impact Assessment of the Local Bridge Construction and Road Asset Management (LRAMP)
Scoping Study and Design of Women Leaders in Manufacturing Network
Vietnam High-Frequency Monitoring Survey of Covid-19 Impacts on Household Welfare and Household Business Activities
Mekong Delta Transport Infrastructure Development Project – Beneficiary Impact Assessment
Analysis of multidimensional inequalities in Vietnam
In-depth Reviews of SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4
Impact Assessment of Programme 135 Infrastructure Projects Funded by Irish Aid (Fiscal year 2014-2015)
Bridging Public Opinion to the Vietnam National Assembly delegates 2017
Tax justice for equitable health care (H-SCORE)
Assessment of residential electricity demand patterns and potential impacts of electricity tariff increases
Vocational education training financing/cost norm studies
Designing and implementing spot-check mechanism for PAPI survey
Firm participation and regulatory compliance: A randomized control trial
Evaluation of the long-term development cooperation between the UK and Vietnam
Discrepancy in urban and rural governance at the disaggregated levels in Vietnam: A small area estimation approach