An analysis report on the household registration system in Vietnam


Mekong Development Research Institute research team, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and the World Bank


June 2016


Research objective

Upon collecting data from over 5000 households in Vietnam, the research team has compiled an analysis report on the Household Registration System (“Hộ khẩu”) in Vietnam. The report provides a detailed profile of migrants without permanent residence permits, comparing people with and those without a permanent residence permit in different areas from demography and education to employment and social inclusion, accessibility to public services and social protection.

The publication comprises of the following sections:

  • The history of Hộ khẩu and regulatory framework
  • Household demographics by residential status
  • Hộ khẩu and public services accessibility
  • Hộ khẩu topic on media, policy discussion and people’s perception
  • Hộ khẩu and financial issues
  • Summary of findings and policy recommendation


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