Millennium Development Goals Report 2013 – Achievement and Challenges in the Progress of Reaching Millennium Development Goals of Vietnam


December 2013


This report measures the progress of Vietnam moving towards achieving the MDGs. As the consequence of the Vietnam Full Country Report 2010, the report describes the achievements as well as identifies challenges faced by the country in the coming years. National development priorities upon completion of MDGs 2015 are discussed in this report.

This report includes three main parts. Part I presents the socio-economic development context of Vietnam including its achievements and the challenges that the country has been facing in recent years. Part II analyses Vietnam’s progress in moving toward eight MDGs untill 2013, This part reviews success achieved so far and identifies the challenges to the completion of the MDGs. Part III introduces the development plan of Vietnam at “Post MDG” period in important areas such as poverty reduction, gender equality, healthcare, education and environment. The report uses statistic and information collected from relevant government agencies and UN agencies in order to provide valuable and reliable insights about the progress of Vietnam in realizing the MDGs.