Policies for sustainable coffee development


The Center for Development Integration (CDI) is implementing Phrase 3 of Project “Improvement of Livelihoods of the poor and ethnic minorities in the central highlands of Vietnam through engaging into Sustainable Coffee Production and Pro-poor Market Access“, which is funded by Irish Aid. Click here to read more about the project.

One of the main objectives of Phrase 3 is to link and influence policies to equitably benefit coffee farmers through consultation and representation with effective dialogue mechanisms and models of cooperatives. In order to achieve this objective, MDRI is entrusted to conduct a study to review and analyze “Policies for Sustainable Coffee Development”. This study is expected to provide a comprehensive analysis on current policies (including both national and provincial levels) and their impacts on the practices of coffee growers, especially those with disadvantages like the ethnic minorities and economic hardship. From there, the study will shed light on policy gaps in order to support sustainable coffee development, especially for small scale farmer households, poor households, and ethnic minority households.


08/2015 – 10/2015