EUDR assessment of the coffee and timber sector in Vietnam


EFI, with the support of UNDP, is going to support MARD to prepare for the EUDR, doing a summary framework and priority areas in Vietnam, so that the Government of Vietnam (GoV) and provincial authorities have a comprehensive understanding of the main challenges to EUDR compliance in the Vietnamese coffee and commercial forestry sectors, and the potential adverse impacts and market opportunities presented by the regulation. This effort aims to provide the GoV with a solid foundation on which to complement the government’s and local action plans to address the identified challenges. Accordingly, appropriate tools and methodologies could be developed to support stakeholders in the coffee and commercial forestry sectors to comply with EUDR requirements. In this assignment, MDRI offers a national consultant to proactively contribute to developing the EUDR preparedness check which can be used by the GoV and provincial authorities of Lam Dong and Dak Nong to improve their action plans for the coffee sector.

Main tasks:

  • Desk review:

+ Conduct analysis of the coffee supply chain and provide inputs to first and second drafts of preparedness check.

+ Identify areas where current practices and policies in Vietnam may not align with the requirements of the EUDR.

  • Consultations and interviews: Conduct relevant consultation meetings to collect feedback and information on the state of the governance system for:

+ Relevant national authorities like (but not limited to) MARD, MONRE and VICOFA to collect data and conduct the analysis,

+ Private international companies with presence in Vietnam like (but not limited to) Nestle, JDE Pets, Lavazza, LDC, Sucafina, and other relevant.

+ National coffee companies and NGOs on the agricultural sector.

  • Finalise the EUDR preparedness check report which includes specific recommendations for the central authorities and the authorities of Lam Dong and Dak Nong, on how the existing governance system for the coffee sector will need to be upgraded to facilitate EUDR compliance.


Photo by Huong Le


12/2023 – 03/2024