Global Value Chains Survey 2017


Global Value Chains (GVCs) are a dominant economic reality in the 21st century. The way the global economy produces and exchanges goods has never been more dynamic or more interconnected. In policy fora, the importance of GVCs as a way for firms – in particular SMEs – in developing countries to take advantage of the opportunities from trade liberalization is greatly emphasized. However, firm-level evidence about the factors facilitating SMEs accession and upgrading of their participation in GVCs in developing countries is limited.

The survey is conducted across several developing countries – currently: Croatia, Vietnam and Ethiopia. MDRI has been commissioned by the World Bank Group to undertake the Global Value Chains Survey in Vietnam. The survey, covering 1000 firms nationwide in the two value chains: (i) Textile & Apparel, and (ii) ICT (Information and Communication Technology). All the stages of a value chain are covered: input suppliers, processors, producers of intermediate and end products, marketers, brand-manufacturers, distributors, etc.

This survey will provide essential findings related to the origins and determinants of successful exporting firms in Vietnam, the creation of new opportunities by global fragmentation of production and global supply chains in goods and services as well as impacts on industrial development of foreign direct investment.


March 2017 – September 2017