Advancing Jurisdictional Sustainability in Vietnam, focusing on the Central Highlands Region


In 2021-2023, MDRI acted as a technical partner of the European Forest Institute (EFI) in the Project “Advancing jurisdictional sustainability in Vietnam, focusing on the Central Highlands region”. This project adopted a jurisdictional approach to enhancing the technical capacity of local actors in sustainable deforestation-free governance of forestry and agricultural production, with the lead of local authorities in Lam Dong and Dak Nong provinces. It develops a jurisdictional sustainability monitoring and evaluation framework, modeling scenarios for future land use with the EFI-designed Land Use Planner interactive tool and sustainable land-use investment analysis guidelines. The project outcomes would serve as a stepping-stone for the provinces, and Vietnam in general, to proactively respond to upcoming international regulatory challenges of deforestation-free commodity production, such as the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR).

Main Task:

  • Conduct desk review of jurisdictional sustainability and analyse relevant international and domestic lessons.
  • Conduct policy and legal review for deforestation-free coffee production in Vietnam.
  • Conduct stakeholder consultations and qualitative data collection and analysis.
  • Develop a working paper and a policy brief highlighting gaps that can potentially be addressed via this initiative and the feasibility of jurisdictional approaches at a subnational level.
  • Conduct the mapping of stakeholders that could potentially be involved in this initiative at various levels and develop an engagement strategy and a roadmap for the establishment of an advisory committee on jurisdictional sustainability.
  • Develop a jurisdictional sustainability M&E framework, including a set of M&E indicators and data collection protocal, and a roadmap to developing a holistic digital jurisdicational sustainability M&E system.
  • Conduct logistic arrangements for the Land-use Planner tool training course in Lam Dong, including jointly preparing training materials and tools with EFI. Jointly deliver the training course with EFI. Following-up from that training, collaborate with EFI to develop pilot scenarios for agricultural and forest landuse orientation for Lac Duong and Dak G’long.
  • Conduct data collection, stakeholder consultations, and data analysis for the land-use financial mapping.


Photo by Huong Le


02/2021 – 12/2023