Vietnam’s Aspirations of a Human-Centred Development Model: Understanding Voices and Insights of Multiple Actors


With the aim of filling the gap in the current economic growth strategy, Oxfam is proposing a new economic model, known as the Human Economy, which revolves toward human-centered instead of profit-driven economic development. This is in line with the Vietnam Communist Party’s visions for Vietnam’s 10-year socio-economic development strategy 2021-2030, where the VCP views the Vietnamese people as the central resource for development and as the goal of development. 

As a newly developed concept, it is crucial to comprehend how different actors from different sectors in Vietnam perceive the “Human Economy” and its related ingredients and values. Therefore, Oxfam in Vietnam has contracted MDRI to conceptualize a human-centered economy in Vietnam. Using a need-value-based approach, MDRI explores the (divergent) perceptions, agendas, interests, and resources of different stakeholders in Vietnam’s economy, and from there, provides a basis for a human-centered development model in Vietnam.

Main tasks (in 2023):

  • Conduct desk study and policy review
  • Develop qualitative research methodology
  • Conduct fieldwork in selected provinces for qualitative data collection
  • Write the qualitative study report
  • Organize consultation workshops with relevant stakeholders to receive feedback on the qualitative study report


Photo by My Nguyen