Vietnam Public Opinion Survey 2016 for the Australian Embassy


Australia is among the most dynamic international and regional partners of Vietnam in multiple sectors, including development assistance, trade, investment, education, tourism, etc. Particularly, in recent years, as Australia has been increasingly active in its activities within Vietnam, the country would like to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of its image within Vietnamese people’s perception. A Vietnam Public Perception Survey, hence, would be crucial to assist with this understanding.

MDRI has been commissioned by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to undertake the Vietnam Public Opinion Survey 2016 for the Australian Embassy. The survey, covering 5000 respondents from 10 provinces all over Vietnam, will provide essential findings to assist DFAT in designing and implementing its activities in Vietnam, thereby enhancing the meaningful cooperation between the two countries. The survey will also explore the prevailing perception of the Vietnamese people on the key issues faced by the country. MDRI researchers will design the survey, manage teams of field enumerators and compile the analysis report.


December 2016