Phung Duc Tung


Dr. Phung Duc Tung has 16 years of experience working in development and poverty reduction. He holds a PhD in Economics from the Institute of Development and Agricultural Economics, Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany. Dr. Tung possesses a strong background in econometrics, impact evaluation, and survey design and implementation. His research areas focus on poverty […]

Nguyen Viet Cuong

Dr. Nguyen Viet Cuong is the Institute’s Vice-Director and is in charge of research activities. He holds a PhD and MSc degrees in Development Economics from Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Dr. Cuong has extensive experience in impact evaluation, poverty analysis, ethnic minority issues, education and health issues. He has been the lead consultant on multiple […]

Ho Van Bao

Ho Van Bao is a senior IT expert with more than 18 years of work experience in various sectors including agriculture and forestry. Bao holds a Master’s degree in IT. Bao is involved in a number of survey/census, data analysis, and established databases for projects and government offices.

Ngo Ha Quyen


Ngo Ha Quyen is MDRI’s Project Manager. Quyen joined MDRI as a research analyst after finishing her study in Germany. She graduated from the renowned Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich and obtained her M.Sc. of Economics at the same university. Prior to joining MDRI, she has experience after years of working as a research assistant at the Ifo […]

Nguyen Hoang Khanh Minh

Minh has an interdisciplinary background in education studies, with particular research interest in the history and sociology of education, as well as comparative education. Through her study at Cambridge University and experience working as a researcher at the Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences, she has gained substantial knowledge on qualitative research and methodologies as well […]

Nguyen Minh Phuong

Phuong has three-year experience in conducting impact evaluation in development areas. She is particularly interested in carrying out research on poverty reduction, education, and infrastructure development. While working at MDRI, Phuong has demonstrated excellent capability in designing survey protocols, coordinating survey progress, and great ability to deal with unforeseen circumstances that occur during survey implementation, […]

Nguyen Thanh Long


Long has five years of experience working at MDRI as a researcher cum data analyst. He is involved in all stages of the research project implementation from survey planning to report preparation. Long has employed his strong background in economics into practice by successfully implementing numerous large-scale household studies and randomized controlled trials, in which […]

Tran Hien Giang


Tran Hien Giang is a research analyst who graduated with an MA degree in International Economics from University of Warsaw under the Imaginarius Foundation Scholarship. Pior to joining MDRI, Giang held two research assistant positions in both a think tank and an academia where she had an opportunity to practice solid research skills, including database […]

Tran Ngoc Oanh

Tran Ngoc Oanh joined MDRI as a Data Analyst after obtaining the first-class degree of Socio-economics Statistics from National Economics University (NEU). She holds a strong background in applied statistics and mathematics. Through her study at NEU, she has gained general knowledge on collecting and analysing data. As a member of the data team, Oanh […]

Le Thi Ly

Research Analyst

Le Thi Ly joined MDRI as a Research analyst at the final stage of her Ph.D for International Relations at the University of Nottingham, the UK. Her Ph.D study is fully sponsored by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education. She obtained her MA in Development Economics from a joint program between the National Economics University, Vietnam […]

Pham Minh Thanh

Research Analyst

Pham Minh Thanh joined MDRI as a Research Analyst in October 2021. Thanh earned his doctorate in Economics in 2021 from Binghamton University, State University of New York. Thanh is passionate in carrying out research on poverty reduction, gender inequality, and public policy. Prior to joining MDRI, Thanh held academic assistant position at Binghamton University, […]

Pham Thi Thien Quynh


Quynh has two years of experience in coordinating development projects, including large-scale household surveys and impact evaluations. She demonstrated excellent capability in designing survey protocol, coordinating survey progress, and great ability to deal with unforeseen circumstances that occur during survey implementation. At MDRI, she has gained valuable experience in research projects, worked with respondents with […]

Nguyen Minh Trang


Nguyen Minh Trang joined MDRI team as a Research Assistant after her graduation with BA Degree in International Economics from Vietnam National University. During her study, Trang expressed profound passion for conducting research in economics and social issues through her participation in research contests for students in the university and large corporations. At MDRI, Trang […]

Nguyen Huynh Duc

Research Assistant

Duc has joined the MDRI team since March, 2019 as an intern in the first two months and continued to work as a research assistant to date. He has graduated from National Economics University (NEU), majoring in Business Statistics. Through studying and working at NEU as well as MDRI, he has accumulated experience related to […]

Dinh Huu Hoang Lam

Research Assistant

Hoang Lam started working at MDRI from April 2021 as an intern for the first 2 months, and then as a research assistant from June 2021 to present. As one of the youngest members of the Institute, Lam has always been trying to achieve more knowledge and gain more working experience from assigned tasks in […]