Baseline Data Collection for Sustainable Pepper Project in Vietnam


MDRI is collaborating with International Finance Corporation (IFC) to conduct quantitative data collection for a quasi-experimental baseline survey to better understand the conditions of farmers participating in IFC’s Vietnam Sustainable Pepper project in terms of Household income, income sources and income from pepper; Access to training and extension sources; Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) including use of inputs; Pepper productivity; Production costs including input costs; Financial literacy and access to Finance; Gender-related questions.

The primary objectives of this research are to:

Collect detailed household and farm-level information to understand the conditions of farmers so that IFC can shape and customize project activities according to the farmers’ specific needs as well as assess how their projects impact farmers.
Main tasks:

  • Provide inputs to the questionnaire
  • Pilot the questionnaire
  • Recruit and provide training to enumerators and supervisors
  • Program the data collection tool into the tablets
  • Conduct and monitor the field work activities
  • Update regular progress reports.
  • Prepare the final field work report


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