Research on employability skills and skills gaps among adolescents and youth


MDRI is working with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on Market Assessment and Analysis to identify needed employability skills and firms’ good practices so as to improve the skills of businesses in order to close the capacity gap, including making recommendations to improve the skills of vulnerable youth groups.

The primary objectives of this research are to:

  • Provide a market assessment of the current employability skills needs for the business sector and skill groups needed for the future (focusing on the Apparel & Footwear, Travel & Tourism and Information Communication and Technology industries)
  • Identify and synthesize good business practices with a purpose of promoting labor skills and creating employment opportunities, focusing on disadvantaged and vulnerable youth
  • Identify and analyze the constraints faced by disadvantaged and vulnerable youth in meeting the needs of modern economic markets
  • Provide recommendations for skills improvements and provision of good job opportunities for disadvantaged and vulnerable youth groups

Main tasks:

  • Develop a set of qualitative and quantitative tools
  • Conduct qualitative research in the field (interview with representatives of ministries/sectors, non-governmental organizations, social protection centers, business associations, enterprises, companies/employers, youth organizations, universities/colleges)
  • Conduct an online survey of businesses operating in 3 areas (1) Apparel & Footwear; (2) Travel & Tourism and (3) Information Technology & Communications.
  • Compile research reports.