Annual Quantitative Research on Disability Inclusion in Local Governance


Following the 2022 Pilot Assessment of Disability Inclusion in Local Governance, UNDP in Vietnam and MDRI continue to collaborate on an annual quantitative research on disability-inclusive governance. This is an annual research similar to PAPI, based on the results from the 2022 pilot assessment to tailor specifically for PWDs. This will be an opportunity for PWDs across the country to reflect on their experiences in local administrative processes and public services, honoring the aphorism “nothing about us without us”. From there, it aims to complement annual PAPI and suggest actions related to disability inclusion in the policy-making process for central and local governments. To do so, the research will tackle some key dimensions of government performance, especially ones uniquely related to PWDs as well as some key issues of the year. The findings, then, will provide a basis for policy recommendations and suggestions for further research.

The research takes place in two years: 2023 and 2024.

Year Quantitative phone survey Sample size
2023 8/2023 2100 PWDs across 18 provinces
2024 6/2023 2310 PWDs across 18 provinces

Main tasks: 

  • Develop sampling strategies
  • Pilot and provide inputs to finalize the research instruments
  • Recruit and provide training to enumerators, compose the training manual
  • Design a set of tailor-made tools for data collection with PWDs and program into the tablets
  • Conduct quantitative phone survey with selected PWDs
  • Perform data cleaning and quality control
  • Develop qualitative tool and conduct in-depth interviews with PWDs in sampling lists.
  • Prepare the report and present at a national launch for dissemination and policy advocacy.


Photo by Huong Le