Gender and Socioeconomic Impact Assessment of the Local Bridge Construction and Road Asset Management (LRAMP)


The Results-Based Operation for Local Bridge Construction and Road Asset Management Program (LRAMP) is being implemented to improve the road and bridge connectivity for the rural communities of the participating provinces in Vietnam. This program includes 3 Result Areas: (i) Rehabilitation and maintenance of local roads in 14 targeted provinces; (ii) Reconstruction or construction of local bridges in isolated communes in 50 targeted provinces; (iii) General consultancy for the whole project, including technical assistance, feasibility study, appraisal and management of LRAMP. In this assignment, MDRI conducts an interim impact assessment (design, pilot, implement, analyze data, and write report) of LRAMP with strong focus on socio-economic and gender aspects. A combination of quantitative and qualitative study is utilized to induce the Socio-Economic Impacts on Women, Men, Ethnic Minorities and other vulnerable groups.

Main tasks:

  • Collate and review background Project reports and relevant sector and country documents and information to understand the purpose and context of the assignment and assess the usefulness of secondary source data.
  • Prepare an Inception Report (including detailed work plan) in consultation with the Bank’s Task Team.
  • Identify and agree with the Bank TTL and transport team on proposed datasets (for secondary analysis), analysis scope, strategy and frame.
  • Quantitative Data Compilation and Analysis
  • Design, Testing and Implementation of Qualitative Impact Assessment
  • Draft and Final Reports
  • Prepare dissemination materials, present assessment results at the dissemination workshop


Photo by: Nguyen Thi Thien Cung


09/2020 - 12/2021