Mekong Delta Transport Infrastructure Development Project – Beneficiary Impact Assessment


Over the period May 2007 through June 2016, the Government of Vietnam implemented an ambitious Mekong Delta Transport Infrastructure Development Project (MDTIDP) in an amount of US$396.3 million with funding support from the World Bank Group and the Government of Australia. The project was implemented across all 13 provinces of the Mekong Delta, with additional weighting of infrastructure investments given so as to specifically target and direct investments to poorer provinces.  The project’s high level development objective was to assist the Government of Vietnam in relieving key bottlenecks on the main transport corridors in the Mekong Delta region and improving access of the poor to those corridors. The Project comprised four components aimed at removing bottlenecks and improving inter- and intra-modal connectivity:

  • Component A: National Road Corridors
  • Component B: National Waterway Corridors
  • Component C: Connecting the Poor to the Supply Corridors
  • Component D: Institutional Support to Ministry of Transport

The overall objectives of the assignment are to (i) design, test, implement and analyze the results of a beneficiary impact assessment of the investments made under the MDTID Project Component C (Connecting the Poor to the Supply Corridors) and (ii) research and analyze the effects that could be attributable to Component B (National Waterway Corridors) investments on the local and national economy.  The investigations and analyses consider transport elements of the day to day economic and social activities of the population, travel patterns and trip purposes, available transport options and services, transportation constraints and problems, costs of transportation services, safety, and effective demand (willingness and ability to pay) for transport services.


08 - 12/2018