Pilot Assessment of Disability Inclusion in Local Governance


Results from previous surveys conducted from UNDP have shown the tremendous effects of COVID-19 on people with disabilities (PWDs) in many aspects of their lives (e.g. employment, income, accessibility to basic needs and rehabilitation services). This situation requires greater efforts from the government in providing public services to support PWDs to overcome the consequences caused by COVID-19 and encourage their participation in the local governance.

However, the level of satisfaction of PWDs in using public services and participating in local governance has not been recorded in the Vietnam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI). Therefore, a tailor-made PAPI survey in a more accessible format for PWDs was adopted in this assignment to document unique problems PWDs face when interacting with the local government, helping PAPI to include a more diverse group of citizens. It is expected that through this survey, PWDs will have the opportunity to reflect on the quality of public services provided for them and the attitudes of local government officials when working with PWDs.

Main tasks:

  • Perform desk review of relevant research and publications
  • Develop sampling strategies
  • Pilot and provide inputs to finalize the research instruments
  • Recruit and provide training to enumerators, compose the training manual
  • Design a set of tailor-made tools for data collection with PWDs and program into the tablets
  • Conduct the quantitative interviews with approximately 1634 selected PWDs
  • Perform data cleaning and quality control
  • Develop qualitative tool and conduct in-depth interviews with PWDs in sampling lists.
  • Prepare the report and present at a national launch for dissemination and policy advocacy.

Photo source: https://e.vnexpress.net/news/news/covid-19-worsens-plight-of-disabled-people-in-vietnam-4098445.html


07/2022 – 02/2023