ER-P survey team in the field

Our ER-P (REDD+) survey team has been working in the field for a week now. For many of the enumerators, it has become the experience of a lifetime: enduring the cold and wind in the most remote mountainous villages, eating the strangest food offered by the hospitable ethnic minority households, walking through muddy slopes for hours during the night to reach the villages, etc. They have also learned many things about the ER-P areas – different types of plants and their uses, different units of measurement, different languages and gestures, as well as how to learn from and cooperate with their team members.

Survey ares from Google Fusion

On the way to a village in Thanh Hoa.

Housing condition at project area

Answering survey questionsư
Answering survey questions
Thanks to their dedicated work, we have gained new insights into the livelihoods of these households as well as their ways of living. We wish the team all the best for their ongoing work! (Although most of them are now without electricity, internet connection, mobile signal and… water).