Forestry Workshop at MDRI

MDRI had organized its first roundtable discussion title “Private Forest Holding in Sustainable Forest Management: experience from Northern Vietnam and the World” since its opening ceremony.

The roundtable discussion gathered international expert in forest and forestry policy from Swedish Agricultural Science University, Dr. Bo Ohlsson, national experts in forestry from Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, academic institutes and agencies as well as representatives from international organizations such as Food and Agriculture Organization, World Wild Fund and US Embassy.
The discussion revolved around the role of small scale forestry in ensuring sustainable management, and the challenges faced by Vietnam in forestry management while supporting livelihood activities for households living near forestland areas. During the discussion, Dr. Bo Ohlsson presented the case of Sweden where family forest has proven to be a successful model, and forestry becomes the largest revenue earning in the country. Representative from Vietnam Forestry Science Institute showed forestry management situation for six provinces in WB3 Project (FSDP). His speech indicated that small-scale forestry for households have created a stable supply of wood for the region and nationwide. With the right management models and suitable support polices, private forest management would not only bring about high economic value but also ensure environmental sustainability. Throughout the roundtable discussion, MDRI has received numerous valuable and insightful feedback which open new doors for interesting forestry research topics in the future.