Report Launch: “Impacts of Climate Change and Disasters on Multidimensional Inequality in Vietnam”

Mekong Development Research Institute (MDRI), in conjunction with Oxfam Vietnam, successfully organized a workshop on August 16, 2022, to reveal the findings of the publication “Impacts of Climate Change and Disasters on Multidimensional Inequality in Vietnam.” The workshop had the presence of speakers, agencies, businesses & organizations, media units and the companions of audiences at the event and on online platforms.

This research examines the effects of catastrophes and climate change on four aspects of people’s lives: livelihoods and health, education, respectable employment and financial stability, and financial security. This is accomplished through the use of the Multi-dimensional Inequality Framework (MIF). This is one of the first initiatives in Vietnam to comprehend the disparate impacts of climate change on different demographic groups in various facets of society.

The research findings demonstrate that natural disasters and climate change have aggravated multidimensional inequality in 3 ways: by increasing the vulnerability of vulnerable groups to the problems posed by climate change, by increasing the exposure of disadvantaged groups in society to the negative effects of climate change, and by decreasing their capacity to respond to and recover from damage in 5 study areas.

“This is Vietnam’s first research on the influence of climate change and natural catastrophes on multidimensional inequality. In addition to the findings on demographic groupings, this study reveals a significant data gap that must be filled on a regular and ongoing basis in the future in order to have enough data for future studies to provide a comprehensive view. This contributes to the development of suitable policy recommendations for mitigating the effects of climate change and natural disasters on many areas of multidimensional inequality in Vietnam.” Said Dr. Phung Duc Tung, director of Mekong Development Research Institute.

The need to promote connections between climate change adaptation and mitigation actions and other measures to reduce poverty and reduce inequality was also a topic covered by experts during the workshop. They also discussed policy discussions on the connection between multidimensional inequality and climate change.

In order to help develop more inclusive climate change adaptation strategies, MDRI and Oxfam in Vietnam have collaborated on a research report on the effects of disasters and climate change on multidimensional inequality in Vietnam. Please check the complete study for more information on the data and analysis.