Internationalization workshop: Challenges for policy and strategy

Our workshop series concludes with an inspirational speech from Ari Kokko, Department of International Economics and Management Copenhagen Business School.

His speech raised important challenges faced nowadays by many nations in the internationalization process from a business perspective. Internationalization, a complex process, strongly involves export activities. Promotion of export plays a key role in internationalization.
Mr. Kokko included the business strategy of Sweden offering to private companies and internationalization strategy of large firms. His speech pressed the importance of having the right strategy. The key to successful business is entrepreneurship and innovation, presented in the case of big multinational corporations such as Wal-Mart, IKEA, Sony, Nokia through their stories of going from local to global. In a constantly changing world and fast-paced business environment, it is essential for enterprises to seek opportunities and to challenge the boundaries. Only with entrepreneurship and innovation can firms survive even in the times of financial crisis. And the way towards entrepreneurship and innovation is essentially investment on knowledge and skill with successful stories of Europe. His speech was highly applauded by enterprises and governmental agencies; and the lessons learnt from big multinational corporations would be invaluable models for Vietnamese enterprises in the upcoming decade of dynamic internationalization.