TECHNICAL WORKSHOP: Consultation on Poverty Assessment of the Ethnic Minority

The technical workshop on Poverty Assessment of the Ethnic Minority Study organized by CEMA and MDRI had taken place on November 15, 2013. The workshop gathered participation of experts and policy makers in the areas of poverty reduction and the ethnic minority.
With the upcoming National Assembly session on poverty reduction in December 2013, this workshop acts as an essential kick-start for policy dialogue; findings from the research present as an instrumental asset and highly important technical inputs for the National Assembly.
The study distinguishes itself from former studies on poverty reduction as it incorporates both rigorous empirical analysis and anthropological approach in examining poverty status and identifying the reasons behind success and failure stories of different ethnic minority groups. The workshop marked Dr. Nguyen Viet Cuong’s presentation on quantitative findings about poverty status of the ethnic minority groups through income and multi-dimensional perspectives. Through application of econometric analysis using national-scale dataset, the study has succeeded in identifying ethnic minority groups that experience strong progress in poverty reduction as well as groups that lag behind throughout the process. Findings from the study has been well-received by researchers and policy makers. Empirical research results have built a concrete academic background for the second-step qualitative study conducted by ethnic minority sociologists. The study report available by the end of November is highly anticipated by development economics researchers and policy makers.