Discussion on Central Highlands poverty and livelihoods

After nearly one year of conducting the Central Highlands Poverty Reduction Project baseline survey and analysis, the Project Management Unit (Ministry of Planning and Investment) organized a one-day mini workshop on October 23rd, 2015 to share the results with representatives from the six project provinces. At the workshop, Dr. Phung Duc Tung, Director of Mekong Development Research Institute (MDRI), presented the main findings and recommendations from the baseline data analysis, which reveal the picture of poverty and livelihoods in the project area.

Mr. Tran Ngoc Hung, Project Management Board Director, giving opening remarks. Photo: MDRI

The workshop began with an introduction of the baseline survey and its lessons learned for the mid-term and end-line survey.

Introducing baseline survey and lessons learned. Photo: MDRI

After that, Dr. Phung Duc Tung told provincial representatives about poverty and household livelihoods in the project areas and MDRI’s recommendations for the upcoming intervention activities. According to provincial project staff, the findings were consistent with their local conditions and useful for them to design specific interventions unique to the individual provinces.

Dr. Phung Duc Tung presenting the baseline survey data analysis. Photo: MDRI
Dr. Phung Duc Tung presenting the baseline survey data analysis. Photo: MDRI

Since each province has its own geographical and cultural characteristics, workshop participants and the MDRI research team discussed some indicators such as travelling time to different public services, accessibility to clean water sources, irrigation coverage, and village and commune staff capacity. The participants suggested that there should be a similar workshop that involves leaders of project communes, which would give them a more in-depth understanding of their province’s current status and provide better support for the project.

Project Management Board staff commenting on the analysis. Photo: MDRI
Provincial project representative discussing about the findings. Photo: MDRI’

After the workshop, the MDRI team will provide each province with a separated data set. Another workshop is expected to be held in order to officially announce the baseline survey findings and recommendations, which would be held by PMU with a larger pool of guests and participants.

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