Professor Le Van Cuong visited Mekong Development Research Institute and lectured on optimal growth model

From October 30th 2013 to November 11th 2013, Prof. Le Van Cuong visited Mekong Development Research Institute (MDRI) and taught a short course on optimal growth model.
Prof. Le Van Cuong teaches and does research at Paris School of Economics (PSE). At present, he also holds the position of Research Director of Exceptional Class of French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and serves as the Vice President of the Association for Public Economic Theory. In Vietnam, Prof. Le Van Cuong is the director of Vietnam Center for Research in Economics, Management and Environment. Prof. Le Van Cuong is one of the world leading economists. His research interests include General equilibrium theory, Macroeconomics and Optimization with applications to economic theory. In addition to teaching and research, Prof. Le Van Cuong has proactively contributed to international education cooperation in Vietnam, helping Vietnamese lectures, researches and scientists have chances to learn from world-leading scholars. In 2012, the Ministry of Education and Training awarded the commemorative medal “For the cause of education” to Prof. Cuong in order to recognize his contributions to the education of Vietnam.
During the training workshop, Prof. Cuong introduced a number of prominent growth models, analyzing the method of integrating such factors as savings, investment, tax, foreign debt into growth models and illustrated how to optimize the growth models. Prof. Cuong delivered detailed and interesting lectures, connecting closely to the characteristics of the economy of Vietnam, which inspired researchers at MDRI to come up with several new research ideas. The training workshop provided the researchers of MDRI with valuable and practical knowledge, contributing to the development of research tools and methodologies in development economics.