Development World Management Survey of Schools in Vietnam (DWMS – Vietnam Schools)


As part of the Vietnam Research to Improve Systems of Education (RISE Vietnam) project, the School Management System Study in Vietnam was conducted with all 143 primary schools in the RISE sample set. The purpose of the study is to understand the operation and management of primary schools in Vietnam. Specifically, the research activity included telephone interviews with principals/vice principals of 143 primary schools about school management tasks.

Main tasks:

  • Adapt and translate the DWMS questionnaires to Vietnam’s context
  • Undergo training of the DWMS methodology
  • Pilot the DWMS – Vietnam School tool
  • Provide training for researchers to carry out the fieldwork
  • Supervise and quality control the data collection; double-score the researchers’ questionnaires


Photo by: Tran Dinh Khanh Linh


06/2021- 09/2021