Study on Gender Impacts of Climate Change in Vietnam


Vietnam is one of the countries severely affected by climate change and its related disasters. Climate change adaptation is vital for Vietnam and is regarded by the Government as one of priority tasks to reduce the vulnerability level.

The regional programme “Strengthening Human Rights and Gender Equality through Climate Change Action and Disaster Risk Reduction’ (EmPower) is a joint initiative of two United Nations organizations including the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in three Asia countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Vietnam). Under the Output 3 of EmPower, UN Women, in collaboration with GIZ Viet Nam, is supporting the Ministry of
Natural Resource and Environment in mainstreaming gender in the update of the National Strategy on
Climate Change (2021-2030). In order to provide evidence-based gender responsive recommendations
to this process, UN Women and GIZ will commission a study on gendered impacts of climate change in
Viet Nam, focusing onfive sectors: Life and health; Agriculture; Water management; Solid waste management; and Energy. Findings of this research contribute to the development of the National Strategy on Climate Change for period 2021-2030 and provide the practices on the linkage between gender equality and climate change in these sectors and more broadly at the national level.

Main tasks:

  • Review existing literature and secondary data to identify/highlight potential linkages between gender equality and climate change
  • Triangulate and validate research hypothesis/questions with international and national research and evidence
  • Conduct fieldwork to collect case studies to validate/evidence research questions
  • Consult with different stakeholders including relevant government ministries and women’s organizations
  • Identify and propose gender responsive actions for the new strategy and gender responsive indicators for the M&E framework.


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