Women Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) Baseline Survey


In July 2016, MDRI organized an enumerator training course in Binh Dinh for the Women Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) Baseline Survey. During the course, enumerators learned about key terms and issues of gender, and were trained to apply WEAI to women empowerment initiatives and the promotion of gender equality. Upon completing the course, enumerators have been deployed to the localities for the fieldwork.

The WEAI baseline survey is a component of the “Enhancing Opportunities for Women’s Enterprises” (EOWE) Programme conducted by SNV and funded by the Dutch government’s FLOW funding stream. The 5-year programme is implemented in Kenya and Vietnam, aiming at advancing women’s economic participation and improving the enabling environment for women’s enterprises. Four central provinces of Vietnam including Quang Binh, Binh Dinh, Ninh Thuan, and Binh Thuan have been selected for the FLOW/EOWE programme.

Being commissioned to carry out the WEAI baseline survey, MDRI conduct interviews with 770 households in the four provinces. Information on women’s participation in socio-economic activities and on the roles of primary male and female in each household will be collected so as to measure the level of women empowerment and the gender inequality in the households and community. The survey results will be used accordingly to establish baseline indicators and a framework for the project M&E later.


07/2016 – 09/2016