Educational Technology Readiness Index (ETRI) in Ho Chi Minh City


The EdTech Readiness Index (ETRI) has been created in the collaboration between World Bank team and Imaginable Futures. The indicators of the ETRI are organized based on 3 dimensions of the Global Education Policy Dashboard (practices, policies and politics) to enable countries (a) identify good practices and areas where EdTech policies can be strengthened, and (b) monitor progress as countries take action.

In Vietnam, 277 primary and secondary schools in Ho Chi Minh City were selected to take part in a high-frequency phone survey to analyze the way of technology usage in primary and secondary education. The survey gathered data at the school level through the surveyed school’s principal and teachers, emphasizing on identifying the current regulations and policies on educational technology as well as the technology application in teaching and learning at schools.

Main tasks:

  • Pilot the questionnaire and provide inputs to finalize the questionnaire
  • Recruit and provide training to enumerators, composing training manual
  • Program the data collection tool into the tablets
  • Collect remote data of 277 primary and secondary schools with schools’ principal and teachers through CATI system.
  • Perform data cleaning and quality control
  • Submit the final datasets in Excel and STATA format

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06/2022 – 09/2022