Gender Difference in Willingness to Compete in Vietnam (Ball Tossing Tournament Experiment in Vietnam) – Round 2


This project studies the gender difference in willingness to compete in Vietnam. While gender difference in willingness to compete has been studied in Western countries or patrilineal societies in developing countries, few studies looked at previous or current communist regimes. The study hypothesises that exposure to communism, which builds strong gender equality, would affect the gender norms and their willingness to compete. Particularly it hypothesises that women exposed to communism are more competitive to the women in traditional patrilineal societies (relative to men) and this willingness to compete also differs by the environment that the women are exposed to. To study this, a novel design has been created by Prof.Batsaikhan to collect experimental data in the field (also known as lab-in-the-field).

Main tasks:

  • Liaise with related stakeholders to arrange logistics for data collection in An Thinh, Luong Tai, Bac Ninh.
  • Collect data from nearly 200 individuals.
  • Deliver the de-identified dataset.


11/2021 – 05/2022