Study on Retail diversity index (RDI) for food retail sources


MDRI conducted a study to evaluate the effectiveness and applicability of food inventory investigation tools in food retail and business establishments. The sample of this project included more than 500 food establishments in Dong Da district and Dong Anh district (Hanoi) that had already been observed in the Research on Food Nutrition and Environment in February 2023. In this research, each food establishment was observed and recorded by two enumerators. They observed the same food establishment at two different times using two different tools – Quick scanning (QS) and Full inventory (FI) questionnaires.

Main tasks:

  • Utilize previous experience with and understanding of the complex food environment in Vietnam to jointly finalize the questionnaires with the CIAT team
  • Test the tools on the field
  • Develop fieldwork protocols, cooperation between the QS and FI teams, and automate random outlet assigning to enumerators
  • Develop the package of outlet locating tools to assist enumerators on the field, including Google Maps, GPS, outlet images programmed on SurveyCTO
  • Program tools on Survey CTO
  • Recruit enumerators, develop training materials, and deliver the training
  • Monitor and coordinate fieldwork progress
  • Implement data cleaning and quality control procedures
  • Write a survey report


Photo by Dinh Ngoc Linh


10/2023 – 01/2024