The Baseline Survey for Scaling up Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Vietnam


Building on a long-term successful engagement in the WASH sector in Vietnam and to address the lagging development facing the NM-CH, the Ministry of Planning and Investment has requested the World Bank to finance a Program-for-Results (PforR) to strengthen the government NTP3 and/or its successor program in the 21 provinces of the NM-CH Regions with the lowest sanitation coverage. In order to support the government in effective implementation of the Program, World Bank supports the government with a complementary technical assistance (P155162) that aims to strengthen institutional capacities of government at central, provincial and district level in implementing rural sanitation activities for the NM-CH region. 

As part of the TA, the survey was carried out in 4 provinces in the Northern Mountains and Central Highlands regions of Vietnam with primary participants being heads of household, mothers and caretakers of children under five years old.  The baseline survey was implemented to 400 households total to collect pre-intervention data. The survey covered: (i) household roster and demographics; (ii) sanitation, hygiene and water situation (infrastructure and behaviours); (iii) knowledge, attitudes and practices, including hand washing behaviour using sticker diaries; (iv) sanitation program exposure.


Main Tasks:

  • Pretest sticker diaries to measure hand washing behaviour of women; 
  • Develop of Field Procedure Plan;
  • Configure of mobile-based data collection;
  • Pilot test under real field conditions;
  • Conduct survey with randomly selected households;
  • Prepare survey completion report. 


03/2017 – 06/2017