Survey of beneficiaries of USAID disabilities programming


MDRI has been commissioned to carry out a USAID-funded project, namely the “Survey of Beneficiaries of USAID Disabilities Programming”. The USAID disability portfolio consists of a wide range of activities, covering medical (prosthetic and orthopedic, physical rehabilitation), education (inclusive environment and special education), and social (employment support, vocational rehabilitation, and organizations for people with disabilities) sectors. The portfolio is also engaged in the development and support of disability policies in Vietnam. USAID/Vietnam programs assist people with disabilities, regardless of the cause of their disability.

USAID would like to conduct this survey to measure the impact that USAID assistance has on the lives of people with disabilities. The survey will provide essential information to answer key questions on the types of intervention received, their effects on the lives of the beneficiaries, and the extent to which the beneficiaries are aware of laws to protect their rights. The information will serve as a rational base for USAID as a donor agency to introduce better program amendment and formulation in the coming stages of this program in Vietnam.


03/2015 – 06/2015