Impacts of Climate Change and Disasters on Multidimensional Inequality in Vietnam



According to the Global Climate Risk Index released by Germanwatch, Vietnam is among the countries most heavily impacted by extreme weather phenomena. Impacts of climate change and extreme events may vary across different populations and regions, not only in income domain but also in other critical domains of life such as health, education and living conditions.

By adopting the Multidimensional Inequality Framework that was developed in 2018 by the CASE/LSE, SOAS/University of London and Oxfam, the research aims to assess effects of climate changes and disasters on inequality in different domains of life and also impacts of coping strategies on the affected population groups’ wellbeing. Then the research would identify which coping strategies positively impact the affected households’ well-being in long-term and propose policy implications to support communities and households in designing appropriate adaptation strategies to reduce inequality and build resilience.

Main task:

  • Desk study and literature review.
  • Develop quantitative and qualitative research methodology.
  • Organize consultation workshops with relevant stakeholders to receive feedback on quantitative analysis and qualitative method.
  • Conduct fieldwork in selected provinces for qualitative data collection.
  • Prepare the report and policy brief.


05/2021 – 05/2022