RISE Class Video Coding


The Research on Improving Education System (RISE) in Vietnam project is a multi-disciplinary and institutional research program conducted over the 2016-2022 period. The program aims to explore the drivers of students’ achieving positive learning
outcomes at primary and secondary levels, draw lessons for other developing countries, and assist in upgrading Vietnam’s education system with research evidence. MDRI collaborates with the RISE Vietnam research team based at the University of Minnesota and other worldwide institutions and the Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences (VNIES) to collect quantitative and qualitative data (bi-)annually across 23 provinces.

Class video coding belongs to the RISE Vietnam research program. Over 7 months of 4 rounds of data collection, a team of 15 coders score roughly 4,000 class videos employing Teach – a classroom observation tool developed by a team at the World Bank. They capture teachers’ time on learning and students’ engagement in those activities. Furthermore, by utilizing the tool, coders can holistically measure the quality of teaching practices that nurture children’s cognitive and socioemotional skills. The analysis of this rich dataset helps develop an understanding of the teaching practices in Vietnam and its association with improved learning outcomes and facilitates evidence-based strategies to improve teachers’ professional development.


Main task:

  • Take the CITI training program – online research ethics and compliance training.
  • Participate in the Teach training with the WB’s team.
  • Translate the Teach manual for observers, including its scoring rubric into Vietnamese.
  • Recruit trainee coders and organize training and reliability tests.
  • Develop working protocols.
  • Ensure the inter-rater reliability by randomly assigning 20% of original videos to coders for double-scoring.
  • Monitor and supervise coders’ work progress, ensuring high quality and efficiency.
  • Do data management and produce clean datasets (original video coding data and double-score video coding) for each round.


Image source: Bao dan sinh


11/2021 – 05/2022