Project-level midterm assessment of the Australia-Vietnam Program for Gender Equality in Agriculture and Tourism (GREAT)


MDRI collaborates with CowaterSogema International Inc. to perform consulting services for the Australia-Vietnam Program for Gender Equality in Agriculture and Tourism (GREAT). GREAT Program is an initiative sponsored by the Australian Aid Program of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and managed by CowaterSogema International Inc, the DFAT-designated contractor. The program aims to help women, in particular, ethnic minority women to access economic opportunities, join the decision-making process, get recognized for their achievement, and receive equal economic benefits. MDRI is in charge of conducting the project-level midterm assessment of 34 projects within the GREAT program.

The primary objectives of this research are to:

Capture the changes created by each project along the Results Chain and changes in production and business practices of relevant stakeholders and project beneficiaries;
Identify areas to be further addressed and necessary management actions, and the best approach to create sustainable outcomes and impacts for GREAT and partner learning.
Main tasks:

Develop the assessment tools, including quantitative and qualitative tools;
Conduct the household survey to collect quantitative data about beneficiaries of 34 projects;
Conduct the qualitative study, including online in-depth interviews with 34 project partners and focus group discussions with a selected number of beneficiaries and enabling actors contributing to the GREAT program in the sector of agriculture and tourism;
Analyze data, compile assessment reports and disseminate assessment results.